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Research Management System (RMS)

An RMS designed for data-driven decision-making

Always up to date and fully configurable.

The story you document is just as important as the data that supports it. And as a fundamental investor, you take copious notes, every chance you have – analyst calls, earnings calls, management meetings, conferences, etc. You even have a tear sheet that defines your investment thesis and projected risk and returns – and so does your whole team.

However, all this information is disconnected – created in static applications (e.g., Word, Outlook, OneNote, Evernote, Excel) and stored in multiple locations – meaning it is not organized on a firm-wide level. Getting the most out of your hard work, is, well, hard work.

EDS solves this challenge by bringing your research process and everything that supports it to a centralized and intelligent platform, driving better utilization of your insights while improving collaboration and compliance practices.

EDS Dashboard

Aggregate quantitative and qualitative data into one single view, coupled with user-friendly customization for improved decision-making.

Centralize intelligence

Integrate market data and notes from Word, Excel, OneNote, Evernote, Slack, Teams, or any other note-taking application.

Digitize and simplify

Custom tagging, dynamic data updates, and deep search capability for transparency and ease.

Templatize output

Custom templates make documentation easy: pre-earnings, post-earnings, tearsheets, marketing, quarterly reporting, etc.

A modern Research Management System (RMS)

Bring quantitative (estimates, models, price-targets) and qualitative information together in one platform that works the way you do.

Robust email, Teams, Slack integration – email in notes, input on an iPad, pull from Excel, Evernote, Outlook, etc.

Configurable templates, tagging, version control and alerts.

Streamlined and automated – Connects directly to Excel, internal data, or third-party applications to ingest and dynamically update fields.

Always up-to-date – Updates in real time from anywhere.

Best practice compliance.

Gain a one-screen view of all key takeaways

Our latest feature snippets” is a powerful approach to communicating important takeaways from each note or meeting, consolidated onto one screen.

Configurable templates for all members of your team

Whether it’s your investment thesis, pre-earnings, post-earnings, or marketing documents, the EDS template engine makes it easy to create the perfect documents for your team. And because its in a centralized platform, connected to all your data (models, market data, etc.), it is always up to date with dynamic content. Say goodbye to old investment docs that are stale.

Crazy fast and deep search – find anything, get as specific as you want, within a few seconds.

Pull data into your RMS, from any internal or external source.

Copy and paste integrated graphics into your notes for easy reference.

Take notes anywhere, updated everywhere, automatically. Started a new note but couldn’t finish? Create, edit or publish drafts so you can bring it back and finish it later.

Decision support that answers the questions that matter

What did management say about margins last year?

Which ideas meet our objectives and when was our last touch point?

Which analysts are consistently making the best forecasts and staying up-to date on their names?

When did we last increase our price target?

How do we easily communicate with our investors?

How do we keep our intellectual property safe?

How do we stay in compliance?

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