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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our clients have brought their unique investment vision to life by optimizing their investment process with EDS.

Client: Pzena Investment Management

Optimize decision-making while improving productivity

Pzena Investment Management is a value-oriented investment management firm with over $50 billion in AUM. Since its inception in 1995, the firm has employed a disciplined, research-driven approach to long-term value investing and has subsequently built a diverse, global client base.

Idea Generation | Portfolio Construction | Risk Management | Professional Services

We are excited about the announcement between two of our trusted partners, Equity Data Science (EDS) and Northern Trust. EDS has helped us build additional insight into our investment process, while we have long valued Northern Trust’s support as we grow our business.
Brian Mann
Principal, Pzena Investment Management

Client: Kindred Capital

Investment process modernization for small funds

As the former #1 Institutional Investor (II) ranked Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Stanley, Steve Galbraith made his career espousing the value of combining quantitative and fundamental philosophies. But when he left Maverick Capital to create Herring Creek Capital, he left behind one of the most efficient, effective, expensive and technologically rich environments on Wall Street.

Risk Management | Portfolio Construction | Research Management System | Idea Generation

Within the portfolio, we noticed short interest spiking ahead of an earnings event for one of our shorts, on the EDS event tracker. We ran a cross-sectional study, and quickly saw how much of an outlier it really was. No other names with similar metrics (margins, growth, leverage) traded at such a high multiple – and even peers were trading at half the multiple. We super-sized the short and the stock was down 20% on the print. In the months that followed, the stock was down another 30%.”
Steve Galbraith
Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Herring Creek / Kindred Capital

Client: Sanders Capital

Integrating ESG

An equity manager with approximately $75 billion in Assets Under Management. As a value-driven investor focused on identifying market over-reaction (loss aversion), research and analysis are critical to the execution of Sanders’ strategy, and over the years of our work together we’ve endeavored to optimize the ways our services deliver data, reliability, and consistency so that the investment team can focus on strategy.

ESG | Professional Services

Northern Trust and EDS brought real insight into how digitization could drive value. Together, we transformed one of our most cumbersome functions into a best practice model for our broader investment process.
Sanders Capital

Spinning out of another fund/multi-manager

The fund chose a high performance, real-time, easy-to-use and configurable Risk Management solution from EDS – implemented with precision, quickly and affordably. It was built around their vision and investment process, streamlining workflows, providing valuable feedback, and supported by a highly experienced team of former investment professionals and quantitative analysts.

Risk Management | Portfolio Construction | Research Management System

As a multi-billion dollar spin, out of a $60B tier one fund, we found EDS’s solutions uniquely scalable, efficient, and flexible. Despite having resources to build in-house, EDS expedited our market entry aligning with our strong risk management principles.
Portfolio Manager
Multi-billion dollar hedge fund

Scaling an integrated investment process solution for growth

The firm streamlined what had required multiple applications, vendors and manual processes into one, centralized, yet flexible solution across Idea Generation, Research Management (RMS), Portfolio Construction and Risk Management.

Idea Generation | Portfolio Construction | Risk Management | Research Management System | Performance Attribution

EDS is like a real-time investment committee.

With the EDS Platform, our deep fundamental process is centralized and measurable – like having our investment team together 24/7, making sure our portfolio always represents our best and highest conviction ideas.
Fund Chief Investment Manager
$3+ Billion global hedge fund

Centralizing research and risk management for decision-making

A global hedge fund, who started with EDS in 2020 with ~$500 Million in AUM. As of 2024, the fund has a deep fundamental investment strategy across $2+ Billion in AUM. The processes were fully integrated, with the ability to view and share data between the workflows, allowing the team to get the full picture, quicker and easier.

Risk Management | Performance Attribution | Research Management System | ESG | Idea Generation

We were able to modernize our workflows with minimal disruption and securely in-house, which were two must haves when we were looking for a solution. Having our investment process all on one, integrated platform made a world of a difference in working with our intelligence to drive best decisions.
Chief Investment Officer
Large global hedge fund

Integrating risk management into the investment process

Global, Market Neutral, Tiger/SAC Spin with $8B in AUM

Risk Management | Idea Generation | Professional Services

Working with EDS is like having a full quant team on staff to support your fundamental research process...only faster, more efficient and more reliable. Table stakes for a new era of investing.
Portfolio Manager
Large Tiger Cub
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