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Portfolio Construction

The way you build your portfolio is special EDS makes it scalable

A Portfolio that represents Your intelligence and intent

Based on your intellectual property and investment process – understand strengths and blind spots. Pinpoint risk and reward, surface the optimal opportunities, measure conviction and calculate optimal position sizes.

Configurable dashboards that integrate your inputs from anywhere (internal and external vendors) into a centralized platform – internal estimates and models, price-targets, voting processes, scenarios, catalysts, conviction, alternative data, factors, etc.

Real-time feeds and alerts give you the confidence that your data is correct and always up-to-date.

Our intelligent database housing analyzes and measures the success of your inputs and decisions.

Collaborative dashboards that perform competitive and scenario analysis across multiple methodologies, instantly.
Built Around You

Fully replicate your process in a configurable, scalable digital environment to promote consistency and transparency.

Quantify Your Intuition

Analyze the strength of your ideas, the performance of your team, and the efficacy of your investment process.

See Your Strategy

Gather all intelligence in one place with configurable dashboards that visualize and contextualize the data that drives investment decisions.

Optimize Your Research and Quantify Your Intuition

Analyze your forecast accuracy – measuring your targets/estimates vs. forecasts.

Layer in any data, such as positions, to determine trading timing success.

Sort to find the best opportunities when upsizing or downsizing your portfolio.

Create alerts when position weights or ROI is out of line with your constraints and process.

Measure the projected annual return of your portfolio

Decision-Support that Answers the Questions that Matter

Does higher conviction lead to higher returns?

Which ideas should we be adding to, or trimming?

Which analysts are making the best forecasts and what is the best way to train our team?

Which models & notes, are the most recent or are stale and in need of an update?

How has our forecasted portfolio return for this year changed?

Are our internal estimates in front of or behind consensus?

Should we care more about management quality or the strength of our catalysts?

Are we paying to much for our alternative data?

Leading Providers and Funds rely on EDS

Our partners include Northern Trust, Factset and MSCI. Our customers include leading Hedge Funds and Asset Managers, including marquee Tiger Cubs, Citadel Spins, Point72 Alums, as well as Former Maverick, Viking and Bernstein Teams. All are available as references. 

What our clients have to say about EDS

EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, it is like or ServiceNow for investors.
Jon Neitzell
Anduril Partners
With the EDS Platform, our deep fundamental process is centralized and measurable - like having our investment team together 24/7, making sure our portfolio always represents our best and highest conviction ideas.
Brian Gonick
CIO, Senvest Management
We are excited about the announcement between two of our trusted partners, Equity Data Science (EDS) and Northern Trust, EDS has helped us build additional insight into our investment process, while we have long valued Northern Trust’s support as we grow our business.
Brian Mann
Principal, Pzena Investments
MSCI Factor content, now available through the EDS Analytics Platform, can transform time-consuming tasks into readily available actionable insights.
John Regino
Executive Director, MSCI
No question. EDS has helped us create increased alpha and stronger discipline.
Steve Galbraith
Kindred Capital
EDS does many things, but for me, the valuation tools are amazing! Snapshot on key metrics for any company and its comps. Saves me hours of work each time I use it.
Barry Haimes
Sage Asset Management
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