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EDS at the CFA Data Revolution Conference

Spend 10 minutes with Sandeep Varma on how the fundamental investment community is changing to meet the needs of a more competitive and data-driven world. CFA believes (and has added to the CFA Charter), that, to improve the probability of long-term success, fundamental investors must embrace the tools & methodologies that provide a deeper level of insight through quantitative analysis. If you would like a brief demo of the EDS Analytics Platform, please contact us:

Sandeep talks about the following (please click the video):

  • Deep Quantitative Experience – EDS was built from within two leading funds, under the guidance of the former Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Stanley.
  • Why are investors using Alternative Data (validation & new ideas).
  • How fundamental investors add Alpha and new insights through Data Science.
  • The role technology adoption can play within the fundamental investment process (ex. position sizing, price target creation)
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About Equity Data Science (EDS)

Equity Data Science has been in use at some of the top investment funds since 2013. The EDS Analytics Platform is a customized solution that adds insight, efficiency and better alpha through the intelligent use of data science.

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