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Quantamental is Core Infrastructure (but it doesn’t have to be expensive)

I have come to believe that the hedge fund industry requires far greater scale than in the past, and that excellent fundamental investing requires quantamental sophistication and analytics,” – Samantha Greenberg on her decision to close Margate and join John Griffin at Citadel.Billionaire Ken Griffin’s Citadel hires female hedge fund founder – NY Post

EDS levels the playing field, bringing Quantamental to all investors…….

Why Quantamental is Important and a Differentiator: Because it drives the maximum efficiency and performance from your investment process – and in today’s hyper-competitive world, best-in-class funds are leveraging technology to operate and scale to the highest levels attainable. Whether it is streamlining repetitive tasks, using rigorous statistical analysis (our software driven Data Scientist) or leveraging intelligence across your firm, EDS squeezes out the maximum alpha in each firm’s entire fundamental process. For example:

  • What metrics, such as revenue, margins & leverage have the closest relationship to the stock price? How do they work together.
  • How much of a bet am I making on themes I don’t control (such as Oil, Interest Rates, Growth Stocks, Leverage, Value, Momentum, etc.)
  • What is the most likely price target or valuation if my investment thesis is correct?
  • What data sources should I care about, and have they provided unique and actionable insights?

A sophisticated Quantamental approach, which helps to answer these and many other questions used to take hours, multiple applications and expensive personnel. But, with EDS, the answer, and our entire quant team is a few clicks away, helping you fully understand the sources of risk and reward in your investment process.

How Does Quantamental Impact Portfolio Analysis & Risk Management

Building the right portfolio is more than ROI projections alone, it is also about avoiding mistakes and owning the optimal amount of each position. Quantamental is all about a systematic approach to capturing and leveraging fundamental intelligence – be it price targets, idiosyncratic views, internal earnings estimates, or just about any information that is unique to your firm. And by tracking it over time, Quantamental provides a feedback loop for improved decision-making and scalability. At EDS, our Portfolio Analytics module provides these and many other advantages.

Quantamental Provides Maximum Flexibility in Decision-Making

Markets move fast, and managers with a quantamental process, move faster – Identifying exposures before they trade – this is what our portfolio simulation module provides. And lastly, monitoring your positions after the trade (or looking for new opportunities) is getting harder, as more data and faster markets makes ascertaining what “expectations” are priced in, very difficult. This is why a good quantamental process (and our does) includes back-testing, trend analysis and correlation to establish if there is a signal in recent changes, such as short interest and momentum.

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