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EDS Celebrates Five Years

Sliding into the new year has brought us to a milestone for EDS, reaching five exhilarating years of strategy, innovation and growth. We even just took home a 2022 HFM US Technology Award for Most Disruptive Technology Solution, alongside Northern Trust Asset Servicing’s Investment Data Science division. This, on the heels of completing the best year yet for EDS, which includes receiving the 2021 Nicsa NOVA award for Innovation in Technology. We are so proud of the people at EDS—thankful for the passion and effort they put toward the success of the company, as well as the amazing support from our clients and partners in recognizing our award-winning solutions.

In 2021, we continued to collaborate with our clients, existing and new, to enhance our solutions and broaden our offerings, rounding out across the entire investment lifecycle. Continuing the momentum, we expanded our global footprint with new clients in EMEA and APAC. We strengthened our leadership team in preparation to scale the company based on the overwhelming response we’ve had in the market.

At the beginning of the year, we announced that Northern Trust made a strategic investment in EDS as part of their whole office strategy. They created a new division, Investment Data Science (IDS), with EDS at the center of their strategy to digitally transform clients’ front office investment processes across the entire investment lifecycle to deliver better outcomes.

Product highlights
Our goal continues to be a holistic experience and comprehensive offering across the investment process lifecycle. Our biggest additions include the launch of Performance Attribution in Risk Management, ESG analytics across the investment process, and significant enhancements to our Research Management System (RMS).

Launched Performance Attribution and Stress Testing, including intraday analytics
We have deepened integration of our best-in-class risk management functionality into the investment process, providing ease of use and the ability to manipulate and monitor the data to understand what is driving performance in your portfolio. From absolute and relative factor-based (i.e., idiosyncratic vs. style), including intra-day analysis to traditional metrics such as non-factor attribution (i.e., by analyst, geography, sector, hit ratios, etc.), EDS brings it together in one platform with workflows configured to your team.

Enhancements to our Research Management System (RMS)
A report published in 2019 by the CFA Institute called “Investment Professional of the Future” discusses the changing roles of the investment professional, stating the combined model of “AI+HI” (interaction of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI)) adds more value than either component alone because it leverages the benefits of both. Our RMS now offers a modern approach, including dynamic templated notes (with qualitative and quantitative data sourced internally or externally) and our newest release of snippets (key takeaways aggregated into one screen).

Introduced ESG analytics into the investment process
It is in our DNA to not only seamlessly aggregate qualitative and quantitative data into one Investment Process System (IPS), including the multiple sets used within ESG, but to provide a flexible solution in which the fundamental investor can control and maximize the data’s impact on the investment process. This empowers them to use ESG data to make better investment decisions vs. traditional workflows that mainly include reporting.

We have already hit the ground running in 2022 and have a lot of exciting plans for the year and beyond. Thank you for joining us on this journey so far. We’re looking forward to sharing more soon!

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