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About EDS

Equity Data Science (EDS) empowers fundamental investors to build, operate and sustain a modernized, repeatable investment process to drive continuous improvements that help support your investment decisions. We do this by aggregating all of your data sources and refining workflows to govern investment decisions. Our platform is a cloud-based, fully configurable, measurable and scalable platform with purpose-built analytics to support the entire investment lifecycle.

EDS enables Hedge Fund Managers, Asset Managers and Corporates, to leverage modern data science technology that replaces adhoc, siloed, repetitive and error-prone processes, with a centralized, streamlined, efficient and disciplined investment process.

Our platform was created by a consortium of top investment funds, and has been in use since 2012. With decades of experience working at leading funds in the U.S., the EDS founders realized the potential value of the platform to the whole investment industry. In 2017, EDS was created through a team of experienced investors, data scientists and analysts, alongside engineers, with the goal to make the investment process simple, efficient and insightful.

Leading Providers and Funds rely on EDS

Our partners include Northern Trust, Factset and MSCI. Our customers include leading Hedge Funds and Asset Managers, including marquee Tiger Cubs, Citadel Spins, Point72 Alums, as well as Former Maverick, Viking and Bernstein Teams. All are available as references. 

Our Values

At Equity Data Science (EDS), we are committed to observing the highest standards of ethical business conduct in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


We commit to and are passionate about the highest quality standards in all aspects of our business. Fundamentally, people are the core of our business.


We are honest, we say what we mean, and mean what we say. We stick to our commitments and treat everyone equitably. We communicate openly and honestly.


We strive for constant and never ending innovation, not only in our products but also in the way we approach our business.


We are not a “black box”. Our processes are open for all to see. We encourage open communications at all levels both inside EDS and to our customers, consultants and partners.


Offering our clients outstanding value is core to our success in attaining, and most importantly, keeping our clients happy and growing our business. Every decision we make is made with a customer-first mindset.


A profitable business ensures we have the resources to provide our customers and people with the best environment, solutions and services possible. Profitability is not why we are in business – we are in business to improve the way our customers work and to make it easier to achieve their goals.

What our clients have to say about EDS

EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, it is like or ServiceNow for investors.
Jon Neitzell
Anduril Partners
With the EDS Platform, our deep fundamental process is centralized and measurable - like having our investment team together 24/7, making sure our portfolio always represents our best and highest conviction ideas.
Brian Gonick
CIO, Senvest Management
We are excited about the announcement between two of our trusted partners, Equity Data Science (EDS) and Northern Trust, EDS has helped us build additional insight into our investment process, while we have long valued Northern Trust’s support as we grow our business.
Brian Mann
Principal, Pzena Investments
MSCI Factor content, now available through the EDS Analytics Platform, can transform time-consuming tasks into readily available actionable insights.
John Regino
Executive Director, MSCI
No question. EDS has helped us create increased alpha and stronger discipline.
Steve Galbraith
Kindred Capital
EDS does many things, but for me, the valuation tools are amazing! Snapshot on key metrics for any company and its comps. Saves me hours of work each time I use it.
Barry Haimes
Sage Asset Management
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