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Gaining Clarity in the New ESG Era

A New Era Beckons

The proliferation and richness of data available to the financial services sector is already proving a profoundly disruptive force. For the asset management industry, harnessing its potential is a real and urgent challenge. Most firms are well aware that maximizing their data is the critical enabler in the hunt for alpha. Their challenge is this: how to make better use of that data to position it at the top of the decision-making value chain? In partnership with WBR Insights, Northern Trust surveyed 300 CEO’s, CIO’s, and Chief Data Information Officers from global asset management firms to find out what their strategies are for maximizing their data, how they incorporate that data into their investment process and their plans to leverage data science tools to optimize their investment performance.


Many would describe the ESG landscape as a blur in need of clear focus to achieve optimal outcomes for companies and investment groups. Currently, several ranking entities and tools exist to statically assess ESG performance for private and public entities. However, very few data offerings exist to alert asset managers, shareholders, or corporate leadership of risks in real time, or to offer remediation guidance. The EDS ESG Scorecard (below) integrates multiple sources of inputs (including multiple ESG vendors, as well as other investment inputs) onto a single platform that reflects investors preferred views.

Data Science is Becoming a Must Have… Going beyond Spreadsheets

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