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There’s ROI in Data Science (and it’s easier to access than you think)

Data drives the investment world, but data science has seen greater wide-spread adoption in professional sports than it has in asset management. That’s not to suggest asset managers and their clients don’t covet data science and analysis, but rather that leveraging data science is sometimes viewed as clunky, expensive, and, well, not typically a part of the investment decision-making process.

Like everything else in the ages-old investment process, that is changing – in large part due to asset servicing partners such as Northern Trust & solution providers, such as EDS.

To explore the potential data science holds for investors and their managers, II recently sat down for a group conversation with Gary Paulin, Head of Global Strategic Solutions, Northern Trust; Paul Fahey, Head of Investment Data Science, Northern Trust; and, Greg McCall, President and Co-Founder, Equity Data Science.

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