EDS for

Hedge Funds

A decade ago, EDS was built inside of multiple funds to scale their investment process, ensuring it is repeatable, as AUM and investment teams expand. Today, leading global
hedge fund spinouts from tier-one firms, such as Citadel, Tiger, and Millennium trust the EDS platform to support critical investment processes and decision-making.

Our solutions offer more consistent and transparent workflows, greater productivity, increased collaboration,
and higher performance. You have a feedback loop to continually improve upon your decision-making, understanding your strengths and uncovering your weaknesses.

Our tightly integrated products provide fully configurable, dynamic workflows to streamline and drive continuous improvements across the entire investment lifecycle. Because it’s built with the latest cloud native, secure technology, it’s easy to use, fast and cost effective.

EDS Workflow Solution

Idea Generation

Find untapped alpha by fully leveraging and optimizing key data points that drive decision-making. Aggregate, analyze, and rank key investment inputs from any data source—all on one platform. Make the most of the intelligence you access with screening, back testing, competitive and ownership analysis.

Research Management (RMS)

Drive better decision-making and richer insights through your centralized research process with real-time updates and both quantitative and qualitative information. We build a framework around your existing research process with fully configurable templates, so you don’t need to change your workflow. Our RMS supports any note taking method, and offers stronger collaboration and compliance support. Tight integration with idea generation, portfolio construction, performance and risk analysis provides even greater insight into the investment process and helps you make informed decisions.

Portfolio Construction and Analytics

Ensure your best ideas are making it into the portfolio and are sized correctly. Based on your intelligence and investment process, integrate data from anywhere into a fully configurable dashboard with real-time data feeds and alerts, and purpose-built analytics to measure the accuracy of inputs, team members, forecasts, estimates and decisions.

Risk Management

Integrate risk into your investment process and decision-making with our intuitive, and fully configurable “best-in-class” risk platform. Analyze and optimize position sizing based on exposures, risk, and performance. EDS Risk Management leverages data from MSCI Barra, Wolfe, or any other risk vendor. Improve decision-making by understanding what you are buying, what you are exposed to, and its impact on risk before investing. Stress test to know how you would perform under different market circumstances.

Performance Attribution

Understand what drives your performance – repeat your success and learn from your blind spots. EDS provides a holistic approach to attribution, so you know how each strategy, position or team member is impacting the portfolio across any time frame. Identify what’s driving the markets with intra-day analysis. Create any risk or attribution analysis you can think of – by analyst, geography, hit ratios, Sortino, Sharpe, etc. – with our flexible dashboards.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Integrate ESG data into idea generation, research management, portfolio construction, risk, and performance attribution. Improve ESG decision making utilizing historical analysis. The EDS solution facilitates pinpointing ESG trends, a better understanding of drivers of ESG scoring/performance and allows you to hold management teams accountable for their ESG strategies. See how trades would impact the ESG of a portfolio with simulation and optimization functionality. EDS partners with MSCI, Sustainalytics, and Clarity AI, and can integrate with any data provider.

Find out how your team can benefit from EDS through a
Proof-of-Concept (POC)

Experience first-hand how EDS can digitally transform your workflows without losing your secret sauce. There is no commitment and our impact on your team is minimal. During the POC, we will configure your critical workflows. We quickly implement our modular, cost-effective solution to demonstrate how EDS improves decision-making and your investment process.