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Risk Management

Integrate risk into your investment process.

Investors are demanding more from their risk systems, but today’s platforms are inflexible and siloed. EDS breaks free of the traditional mold to provide a modern approach to risk: a “best-in-class” platform, robust configurability and the ability to maximize risk processes through deep integration with idea generation and portfolio construction.

With EDS, your team is more prepared and proactive:

  • Asset selection (alpha) vs. common factors (growth, momentum, size, leverage, quality, macro, industry, etc.).
  • Risk and performance attribution across any model, index, sector, strategy, portfolio manager, analyst, etc.
  • Reporting that is configurable and able to handle multiple portfolios, asset classes and indices.
  • Add MSCI Barra, Wolfe Factors, ESG, Crowding and/or any vendor to EDS.
  • A dedicated quant team assigned to your account.
Exposure Analytics

Understand exposure from portfolio level down to strategy, sector, analyst and individual positions. Use our factor screener to drive risk-based idea generation.

Risk Decomposition

Intuitive and flexible dashboards that include deep risk analysis (volatility, factor risk and VAR) for quick insights. Powerful simulation and optimization provides instant analysis of opportunities and risks.

Performance Attribution 

Absolute and relative factor-based (ex. idiosyncratic vs. style) and traditional attribution, such as, by analyst, geography, sector, hit ratios, etc. Add intra-day and Brinson attribution, as well.

 Stress Testing

How would our portfolio have performed in 2000 or 2008, during higher interest rate or oil shock regimes – done and fast.

Powerful Exposure Analytics and Risk Decomposition

  • Any model, any vendor, integrated in one dashboard. Talk to our partners, including MSCI and Wolfe about EDS.
  • From top down risk and exposure, peel the layers back to individual contributors, in a few clicks. 
  • One-click simulation/optimization – ideal for analysts, traders and PMs.
  • Isolate risk components, such as asset selection (idio), factors, industries, etc. Drill down in one click for further details.
  • Stress testing that is high performance, configurable and easy-to-use.
Benefits of
Integrated Risk
  • Leverage risk data for better idea generation and portfolio construction
  • Add factor exposure as a criteria for new ideas
  • Know exactly what you are buying, before it goes into the portfolio
  • Utilize multiple factors and metrics in position sizing
  • Determine if trading decisions are helping performance
  • Discover performance impact when you reduce or raise internal earnings estimates or price targets
  • Highlight teams contributing or detracting from performance, and find out why
  • Uncover how much risk comes from things out of your control
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