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Is your Research Management System (RMS) optimized for decision-making?

Spoiler alert: It probably isn't

Aggregate internal, external, qualitative and quantitative data into a one-stop shop for research management. Configure your RMS to the way you work so you don’t skip a beat. Discover the benefits of working with an RMS integrated into your investment process, including idea generation, portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution and ESG workflows. Ensure your research and intelligence is effectively reflected in your decision-making.

  • Surface investment opportunities and risks seamlessly with the EDS Dashboard, a portfolio tear-sheet unique to EDS with powerful capabilities far beyond shared Excel sheets.
  • Stay up-to-date when making important decisions with dynamic, real-time updates — a feature unique to EDS — across all your data.
  • Boost productivity by viewing your entire research history (model data, price targets, emails, notes, thesis, etc.) in a single dashboard.
  • Understand and improve outcomes with feedback from deep analytics.
  • Navigate with confidence using advanced search capabilities and artificial intelligence including natural language processing functionality built into the platform.
  • Save countless hours a day leveraging the latest AI technology to capture video conference transcripts and generate AI-enabled summaries.
Join like-minded clients like Citadel, SAC and Tiger spins. Experience our value upfront through a Proof-of-Concept (POC).
Press release
EDS Unveils Research Management System Enhancements

Advances focus on client-centric solution for optimal decision-making


Article on
Modernizing Research Management to Support Investment Decision-Making

Asset managers are changing gears in the intensifying battle for alpha.

Institutional Investor Event
From Idea to Alpha: Building an Investment Idea Factory with Research Management Systems

Recap of a January 31 panel session joined by EDS Co-founder and President Greg McCall and other industry experts.

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