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Does your portfolio reflect optimal performance?

Learn from prior decision-making to continually improve the process

Quantify your intuition when investing to ensure you’re maximizing the intent of your actions. Capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk with actionable insights front and center. Centralize all internal and external intelligence to optimize investment selection, trading and risk identification for investment decision-making, position-sizing, measuring conviction and forecasting accuracy feedback.

  • Seamlessly integrate key internal and external data into one mission-critical dashboard
  • Surface crucial information on holdings and ideas to ensure your best ideas are making it into the portfolio and are sized correctly
  • Measure your accuracy of inputs and forecasts throughout time
  • Optimize and streamline processes with dashboards configured to YOUR unique investment strategy
  • Launch RMS directly from your dashboard to confirm your ideas with your research

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Institutional Investor

Transforming Trade Data Analysis to Find Alpha
Tech advances now offer asset managers a feedback loop to improve their decisions throughout the entire trade lifecycle.

Q&A with Northern Trust Head of Integrated Trading Solutions, Americas Stephanie Farrell, Essentia CEO/Co-founder Clare Flynn Levy and EDS President/Co-founder Greg McCall

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