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Investment process modernization for big funds

Global Asset Manager, Value Fund, $52B in AUM

About client:

Senior Portfolio Manager of a global asset manager searches for a solution to replace internal processes for portfolio construction and risk management that was spread across outdated systems, excel, email and pdfs; lacking the ability to do any historical analysis.

The Challenge:

Centralization and learning from history

The Investment team needed a way to analyze portfolio decisions historically and help them understand what MSCI /Barra factors were driving portfolio performance. Their internal process for proposing position sizes or new positions in the portfolio had become cumbersome to manage leading to wasted time by senior portfolio managers trying to troubleshoot excel instead of researching stocks. In addition, they lacked the ability to derive any insights from past portfolio decisions – they were sitting on mounds of data with no ability to analyze it.

The Solution: 

The EDS Platform

EDS implemented a scalable solution that now allows senior portfolio managers to view portfolio decisions historically and easily share portfolio position sizing ideas across the entire team. 

EDS Value

The portfolio managers are now able to leverage powerful technology to improve their probability of success by analyzing their past investment decisions. Previously this data was trapped in excel, email and pdfs not yielding any analysis or results. After completing this project the portfolio managers were so impressed with the dedicated client quant team they wanted to know how they could improve their analysis of ESG data through EDS’ ESG offerings.

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