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EDS Unveils Research Management System Enhancements

Advances focus on client-centric solution for optimal decision-making

NEW YORK, November 29, 2022 — Equity Data Science, Inc. (“EDS”), an investment process management (IPM) software provider that delivers decision-support and productivity tools to hedge funds and asset managers, today announced significant upgrades to its Research Management System (RMS), which allows investors to gain actionable insights quicker and more efficiently. The fully configurable RMS is uniquely designed to enable intuitive and powerful investment decision-making, benefitting the front office including research analysts, portfolio managers, traders, marketing and operations.

Changes to the competitive and regulatory environment have affected the institutional investors’ research management process, prompting a need for increased transparency and integrated, high-performance front office solutions. As investors seek to differentiate themselves, leveraging leading technology to improve decision-making is critical. The EDS RMS solution streamlines and enhances clients’ investment process by aggregating research, internal intelligence and external data providers into a configurable, real-time environment that matches clients’ workflows and provides data-driven feedback to enhance decision-making.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the most innovative and powerful solutions to drive investment decisions,” said Sandeep Varma, CEO and Co-founder at EDS. “With these upgrades, our clients can be better equipped to leverage their data intelligence when they need it most.”

The RMS workflow solution allows investment teams to access integrated data from unlimited sources, internal and third-party, across the investment process lifecycle. Specific features include:

  • The EDS Dashboard, which aggregates quantitative and qualitative data into one single view, coupled with user-friendly customization for improved decision-making.
  • The RMS Dashboard, a configurable, tear-sheet for individual securities, including a timeline of all internal interactions such as research meetings, changes to financial models and price-targets, and email exchanges. Third-party integration will also be available.
  • Real-time updates so investment teams are always up-to-date, including automated content capture from internal and third-party sources, structured and unstructured, saving time and fostering better collaboration.
  • A rich, authoring environment and a mobile application featuring advanced global search for quick on-the-go access.

“The EDS platform provides a distinctive solution for integrated workflows across the investment process lifecycle without impacting what makes clients unique today,” said Greg McCall, President and Co-founder at EDS. “We understand the importance of meeting their needs—where they want to be, how they want to work and what they want to do—with a vastly improved environment that saves time and fully leverages their internal intelligence to improve collaboration and decision-making.”

EDS also recently launched its ESG workflow solution which allows investment teams to analyze and measure decision-making across the investment lifecycle. This month, EDS was named “Best buy-side risk management initiative over the last 12 months” by at the 2022 Buy-Side Technology Awards, and also received the 2022 Hedgeweek US Award for “Best Data Science Solution Provider”.

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