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EDS Presents at NICSA conference "Life Outside of Spreadsheets"

Technology is changing the very nature of investing. Asset managers and asset allocators need their investment processes to be repeatable, digital, and measurable if they want to compete and succeed. It’s simply not enough for investment processes to live in spreadsheets. Digitizing the process of developing and executing investment ideas can help asset managers better measure, compare, and refine the effectiveness of those ideas. Investment Data Science (IDS) capabilities can help managers and allocators digitize, measure, and refine their investment process. Join Nicsa and Northern Trust as we explore how to leverage the power of data in 2021 and beyond.

Learning objectives:

  • Trends in behavioral analytics, and investment analytics

  • Driving meaningful improvements to investment strategies

  • Measuring “success” beyond traditional returns and attribution

Who should attend: asset managers, asset owners, consultants, financial services media outlets

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